Non-alcoholic beers: from refreshing lagers to satisfying IPAs

In the past 5 years non-alcoholic beers have exploded. Many beer lovers want that hoppy goodness but don't want the alcohol, calories, or hangover that comes with it. Today non-alcoholic beers are the fastest growing beer segment!

The great thing is that the non-alcoholic beer boom has hit both large established breweries and craft breweries alike. Many of the top-selling US lagers have introduced non-alcoholic brethren. Craft breweries are launching new non-alcoholic IPAs, lagers, hefeweizens, and stouts almost every week. Even a handful of craft brewers exclusively brew non-alcoholic beers.

Below are a list of our favorite beers, from light lagers to IPAs and stouts. 

Non-alcoholic lagers

Non-alcoholic pale ales

Non-alcoholic IPAs

Non-alcoholic stouts